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Physically we’re located in Finland, but we’ve enjoyed working with clients all around the world.

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If we got you into thinking about your business’ future, please write down your contact information and a short description of your existing challenge or a vision that you want to fulfil.

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Contact info

If you’re not into filling out forms and want to be directly in contact, please email us or contact the persons below.

Arto Saksola
CEO, partner
Tel: +358 44 535 7215

Tuuli Strandman
Marketing, invoicing
Tel: +358 40 6744677


Trimedia / Jyväskylä Sepänkatu 14 C 21
40720 Jyväskylä

Trimedia / Espoo Tekniikantie 12
02150 Espoo


OP-Pohjola-ryhmä (OKO-YFIHH)

E-mail scanning address:

If you’re not able to send e-invoices, please send your invoices to a scanning service that is located in the following address:
Trimedia Oy
PL 71159