Behind the scenes

We’re a team of doers

We’re a team of doers that consists of designers, developers and marketers. Our rallying points are professionalism and the desire to finish our projects with a smile on our faces and the consistent enthusiasm to become the best in our respective fields.

Get to know us

Arto Saksola

Ceo, Partner

Artos days are filled with meetings relating to designing a future project or developing an existing site. He really enjoys these get togethers – client meetings are where he really feels at home. In addition to people, Arto also has a good know-how of the possibilities of current web technologies which makes him a valuable member of any project team.

Aki Saksola

CTO, Partner

Aki is the voice of reason and a meticulous multitasker of the company. He takes care that projects are advancing and that Trimedia keeps on growing as well. His typical day consists of front end development and user interface design. If he has some spare time, he uses it on evaluating new technologies and implementing the best ones.

Eeva Geier

Digital Marketing & eCommerce specialist

Eeva is a marketer who has passion for content marketing, e-commerce and social media. Eeva is intrigued by improving user experience online and by the options one can use to expanding their online presence. In addition to marketing, her days include data protection laws and assisting duties on WordPress.

Herkko Huttunen

Digital Art Director & WordPress Developer

Herkko is a versatile expert on developing with WordPress who is able to carry out entire website projects on his own. His strength is how he perceives projects fully and is therefore able to carry out the customers vision. Whenever he has the chance, he familiarizes himself with the latest technology and picks the best ones for our clients.

Inari Markkanen

Front-end Developer

Inaris strengths are strong technical know-how, customer oriented mindset and a can-do attitude. She works often with WordPress and WooCommerce. In addition to these she’s able to create some great layouts. Inari is a diligent worker who keeps constantly improving her skills.

Jarmo Mikkilä

AD/Identity Designer

Jarmo Mikkilä is a multi skilled designer, who’s know-how reaches from visual design all the way to service design. His days are usually booked with design work and customer meetings, where it’s possible to refine the design to match the customers brand. Jarmo doesn’t want to create pure eye candy – design should always tell a story that reflects the customers brand.

Joni Karjalainen

Front-end Developer

Joni is the go-to person for support who’s quite familiar with WordPress. In addition to support and problem solving missions he’s also working in the field of digital marketing. Joni is particularly driven on independent projects, where he gets to work with clients directly but also to develop his own skills.

Lasse Mettovaara

Web Developer

Lasse is comfortable with a multitude of platforms and frameworks and he gladly spends his days with challenging projects. His problem solving and concentration skills are outstanding and that’s why he’s also known as the “office guru” – with his own reception times of course.

Toni Huuskonen

Full Stack Developer & E-commerce specialist

Toni is a full stack developer who has a passion for E-Commerce. Toni mainly develops web stores and he is great at making interfaces talk to another. He also enjoys giving the web stores a finishing touch on the visual side. Toni preferably works on giving the customers some beneficial extra features and is also great at managing large projects.

Tuuli Strandman

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tuuli is an expert on Digital Marketing who is, in addition to Googles tools, quite familiar with search engine optimization and creating content. Tuuli is keen on designing a larger entity around digital marketing, following up the results and also getting familiar with the latest trends.

Ville Salonen

Head of Business Development

Ville is Trimedias business designer whose work includes customer meetings and planning for future projects. His strengths are finding clients and customers that are a match for Trimedia – that’s why you’ll most likely find him writing and polishing our offers.